Reel Journeys

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The spiritual and philosophical discussions of two guys who watch films for their deeper meanings.

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InceptionMarch 9, 2020
Fried Green TomatoesMarch 23, 2020
PsychoApril 6, 2020
COVID-19 SPECIAL: ContagionApril 17, 2020
NoahApril 20, 2020
Fight ClubMay 4, 2020
AmelieMay 18, 2020
The OvernightersJune 1, 2020
The Truman ShowJune 15, 2020
The Shawshank RedemptionJune 29, 2020
The MatrixAugust 24, 2020
The BeachComing Soon!
Babette's FeastOctober
Melancholia (Our first listener recommendation!)To Be Scheduled

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A devout Christian and a stubborn secular humanist and pantheist use themes from popular movies to inspire their own spiritual journeys. Using film classics, both old and new, the two find a spring-board from which to compare, contrast and grow their own disparate faiths, while inspiring others to explore the same.

Philip and Ben met as co-workers, both assigned a project requiring global travel together. They filled their evenings abroad sparring over opposing spiritual and philosophical beliefs, learning to come to a common ground of decency and acceptance. One easy commonality? Their love of good cinema.

Reel Journeys is an attempt to bring it all together: inspire their own spiritual journeys, inspire the individual spiritual journeys within all of us, and teach composure and respect during difficult conversations, all while re-visiting the Classics that we all love.


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